Tired of that frizz that never seems to go away even with products? Are you envious of that sleek, soft hair you see on the screens? Then let us help! Our Brazilian blowouts are the solution! This smoothing treatment is the most innovative and effective way to manage unruly curls and frizz! In just under 90 minutes, you're end result will be hair that's smooth, healthy and frizz-free with radiate shine for months!

Brazilian blowout before and after

Did you know that the Brazilian blowout is actually very healthy for your hair? Because it is! This treatment includes a rich blend of nutrients to moisturize and fully replenish any hair type! For more information, click the link below to explore our frequently asked questions!

So who's the ideal candidate for the Brazilian blowout? Anyone! That is, anyone who wants amazing frizz-free hair! Regardless of your ethnicity or hair type, the Brazilian blowout will work for you. And you'll see long-lasting results! If you pair your treatment with Acai aftercare products, you'll enjoy frizz-free hair for as long as 3-5 months!

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